Welcome to the future of selling and buying property around South Africa.


Make and receive offers online in real time 24/7 on Residential Property from the convenience of your couch.
Easy, convenient, faster, cheaper and without stress.

Now you can sell your property listing by Auction in Real Time 24/7. Selling a property by auction is easier than many people think.

                                                                              A new easy and convenient method to sell and buy a Residential Property.

It is a Free safe service to your Sellers to ensure the best price to the Buyers. We Auction Online, work in association with a Team of more than 1000 Agents with a large pool of Pre-Qualified Buyers. The process is transparent and indicative of what is going on in the market in your area, according to offers you receive. You can then adjust your property listing price easily according to your real time experience of the market regarding offers you receive indicating interest in your property listing. All offers will be presented to the Seller for consideration.

NO Sellers commission

NO Upfront marketing fees to Buyer or Seller

NO Auction at your property listing

SELLER Set the reserve price

FREE Auction comparative market analysis

LIST Today and auction tomorrow until sold

Buyers Interest in real time

We assist with Auction Finance, ASK us how?

Receive Offers online in real time 24/7

Scheduled Multiple Live Auction

We do it all for you at NO Cost to the Seller offering the best possible price for the property to the Buyer.

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